With the searing heatwave reaching its second week, 560 fire blazes have spread across the state with at least six people dead as the California Wildfires continue to turn everything to ash and ruins in its path. California wildfires started off due to a lightning storm last week doubled up its size this Friday (21st August) and have burned up to 771,000 acres of land.

Gavin Newsom, Governor of California said that he seeks for reinforcements from near and as far as Australia and Canada as the fire fighting crews battled the 560 blazes that have spread across the state.

He further stated: “These fires are stretching our resources and stressing our personnel”

The state of California had seen its worst dry-lightning storms since the past two decades that has had as close 12,000 strikes of lightning. The lands had dried up following a major heatwave which has recorded temperatures rising up to triple digits. The strikes shot up racing fires across these lands resulting in the current California wildfires – a large scale disaster.


Apart from the fatalities, 43 firefighters and a few civilians have been injured and almost 1,19,000 people have been asked to evacuate their homes. In totality, the California wildfires have managed to burn an area of land that is expected to be larger than the Rhode Island and has allegedly destroyed 500 homes till now.


Amid the California wildfires, the smoke and poor air quality that stretches up to hundreds of miles around the fire zones has brought the health of residents under considerable risk. The medical experts have warned that the pandemic along with, poor air and heatwave adds up to the health hazards making the elderly and the ones suffering from respiratory illnesses more vulnerable.

Newsom in a news brief said: “We are not naive by any stretch about how deadly this moment is and why it is essential … that you heed evacuation orders and that you take them seriously”.

Almost, all the available fire fighting resources have been put to use and approximately 12,000 fire personnel have been deployed to contain the wildfires. The struggling firefighters have been pleading for help as per officials. The major blazes in Southern California are seeming to be under control and the resources are being shifted to Northern California as per Newson.

Daniel Potter a Cal Fire spokesperson with reference to the blaze in Santa Cruz said: “We’re still understaffed for a fire of this size” The crews are working a shift of 72 hours to save homes.

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