Imagine yourself aboard beautiful cruise ships sailing across the blue waters of either an ocean or a river enjoying all the amenities and yet staying disconnected from the rest of the world?

If you are a lover of the sea a cruise trip is probably the best vacation you can think of. Enjoying your meals and drinks on a deck amidst the waves is the ultimate gateway to heaven for all the water babies. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see one planning for their next cruise trip. Though, going onboard a cruise ship so much more than those scenic views, therefore we list here 4 different types of cruise ships to help you make a better and informed choice.


    If you have always dreamt of sailing through the ocean waters with pools, 24 hours open restaurants, activities for kids, shopping and gala performances each night by your side, then ocean cruises are the best option available. This type of cruise is what people usually think when the words ‘cruise trip’ comes up.


    Being the most popular type, these cruise ships harbour thousands of people looking forward to taking care of the entire lot. Such cruises are best for those who are travelling with a mixed lot since the amenities offer a little something for everyone.

    On the downside, however, since the cruise ship caters to a large number of guests one might find it to be too crowded often standing in long queues at ports as you embark or disembark the ship. Oceans cruises are usually very cost-efficient and flexible than the other types with a large number of options available for the traveller yet these cruises tend to charge for the extra you avail apart from the base fee.


    River cruises provide with a more intimate experience when compared to other counterparts since these cruise ships are smaller in size and can host only a small number of guests. So it’s likely that while you opt for a river cruise you will be on-board among the 200 guests rather than being a part of 3,000 guests as in an ocean cruise.


    Since the cruise ship, is smaller and less commercial the travellers tend to know each other quite closely and warm up sooner. If you look for a more homely vacation where you get know people your best option is a river cruise. River cruises cover a short distance with most of the travelling done at night leaving with a new place to explore each day. This doesn’t only give you ample time to visit the ports but the scenery keeps changing regularly as you navigate through the river waters.

    The queue is smaller at the ports however, one disadvantage is that you won’t have a lot of amenities at your service. Probably there will be a set timing for each meal on the ship too. So if you want a flexible schedule you probably wouldn’t want to choose a river cruise.



    Such cruises are designed to meet the special demands of its clientele with more exclusive services available, these kind of liners are for those who look for a little extra in everything. With a more refined dining experience and airy accommodations, these cruise liners are best for those who seek the delight of being pampered.


    These high-end cruise ships offer you a variety of amenities but with luxury infused in every aspect of it. You are more likely to visit exotic destinations and have larger cabins than other liners. The itineraries are flexible, and almost all the rooms have a view of the sea also often with a private veranda and butler service.

    However, all this comes with a price tag and if you don’t mind paying for such high quotations of money for that extra bling, such type of cruises are the best suited for you. These cruise ships provide with several activities which often is inclusive of a language class, water-sports arena and a spa. If your tastebuds wish to have gourmet dishes, best wines and world-class spirits while you sail through a vast water body then you can’t get any better than a luxury cruise.


    If you are not a keen appreciator of cabaret shows and waterslides and are looking for a vacation that gives you an adrenaline rush and full-scale fun then adventure cruises are best you can opt for. Usually a small ship, adventure cruise sails through a route that has a few remote locations such as Galapagos Islands, Arctic Norway or the Amazon.


    The ship arranges for a lot of activities that get your hands dirty and give you shore excursions that often include mountain climbing. Other activities may include paragliding, kayaking, white-water rafting, diving, hiking, etc. If you have soft spot for nature and wildlife you can also treat yourself with lectures from wildlife experts and historians that is offered by a few cruise ships.

    Adventure cruises have a sub-type that is known as expedition cruises which take you through remote destinations Arctic and Antarctic regions and even areas that are ecological biospheres. The cruise ships that are used for such trips are specially designed that are operated by certain special companies only. These vessels offer an adequate level of comfort along with safety. Often such cruise ships sport inflatable motorboats and even helicopters for reaching the shore.

Hope you enjoy the article “4 TYPES OF CRUISE SHIPS” stay tuned for more updates.


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